Saving energy in industry with Viledon

Companies aiming to reduce their energy consumption – and therefore their energy costs – need to look at the operation of their fans and HVAC systems. They account for a significant share of industrial energy consumption.

Filtration solutions from the Freudenberg Group can help to lower the energy costs of such systems by up to 30 percent. Numerous companies from various sectors of industry have already opted for energy-efficient filter solutions from Freudenberg and are now enjoying the benefits – from hospitals to airports and pharmaceutical firms.

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less energy costs by using Filtration solutions from the Freudenberg Group

Viledon air filters from Freudenberg combined with controlled fans guarantee the optimum energy-efficient operation of HVAC systems and the necessary filter efficiency for good indoor air quality. Their high dust-loading capacity and low pressure drop make it possible to realize energy savings in industry.

In addition to energy-efficient filters, Freudenberg’s Viledon filterCair Service offers energetic system inspections: Freudenberg’s service technicians carry out customized analyses and services. Almost any ventilation system can be optimized in this way.

The benefits are twofold: energy consumption is cut and CO2 emissions are reduced.


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  • Energy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Renewable energy

  • Emissions
  • Air pollution

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