Why Freudenberg?

Working for us has a big wow factor. We have values many people can identify with. We are human, fair in our behavior, family-oriented, diverse, respectful, and always strive to leave a sustainable footprint for the world of tomorrow. We have five core employer strengths we emphasize, and they are another reason why working at Freudenberg means ‘We will wow your world.”

Curious & Ambitious

As you can see: Freudenberg is a global technology group for curious people who are ambitious about driving innovation. We make sure your ideas are considered and given the proper support. That mindset is why our innovations have been paving the way for decades to make our world more efficient, cleaner, healthier, more comfortable, and more connected. We do this in an engaging work environment where everyone can learn from each other and grow together.

32.4 % of our sales are achieved with products introduced less than four years ago.

€ 603.6 million for research and development supports innovation around the world.

Empowering & Challenging

In the Freudenberg Group, everyone can rely on a global network of knowledge that is shared, expanded, and questioned every day. We don't just want to change the world, we want to develop all our employees. We do that through training, education, new career paths and the guarantee that truly everyone can contribute to the company.

With more than 5,000 training opportunities for your career development.

More than 7,000 internal moves annually, shows how many options Freudenberg offers for future career development.

Open & Approachable

Although we are a large company, our structure is also designed to allow our individual businesses to have autonomy. At Freudenberg, we know employees should all have a voice, feel appreciated, and know equality is a focus. It is these values that allow us to innovate together and inspire one another.

More than 52,000 employees from 148 nationalities and 60 countries worldwide.

33 % female managers demonstrate our commitment to increasing women in leadership.

Social & Fair

As a family-owned company, corporate social responsibility is a high priority. We financially support projects and organizations that are important to our colleagues. Freudenberg is focused on improving the environment and people’s lives in the communities where we live and work.

25 % reduction of relative CO2 emissions until 2025.

36% of total electricity consumption from renewable energy sources.

Stable & Secure

Many employees have been part of the Freudenberg Group for decades inspiring our newer employees to plan on staying until they retire. Amazing, isn't it? Everyone can rely on us: Our stability coupled with our pioneering spirit is the driving force behind our innovations that allow us to remain in high demand in our industries, and an attractive employer.

175 years of pioneering spirit leads to inspiration and new ideas.

Almost € 12 billion sales and valuable knowledge opens new markets.

Some of your advantages

Working at Freudenberg: "We will wow your world!" naturally includes a range of attractive benefits – because we value your work. Convinced?

  • International opportunities

    Grow in your career through international exchange and global job opportunities.

  • Sustainability & Social Commitment

    We support social and sustainable projects and encourage employee involvement.

  • Personal development

    We offer a variety of trainings to ensure you can develop in your career.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    We focus on providing an inclusive environment and recognize our diversity contributes to our success.

  • Safe environment

    We strive to ensure safety remains a top priority, and provide a stable environment for our employees.

  • Flexible work models

    We allow for flexible work models to ensure both professional and personal success.

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