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Discover the world of Freudenberg

We are as diverse as our people, products and applications. Explore the captivating world of Freudenberg through compelling stories, insightful reports, and exclusive interviews.


Forging the future

The future emerges when people get excited about an idea. Designing products for the future takes precise analysis and the courage to let technology and the intellect interact. We go where Freudenberg is shaping the future.


Family Ties

Freudenberg has been in family ownership for seven generations. And there are entire dynasties of employees, who have worked for the technology company for decades. The following examples illustrate employees’ strong sense of attachment to Freudenberg.

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A journey through time with our founder

Join us as we navigate through the chronicles of Freudenberg's origins. Delve into the profound personality of our founder Carl Johann Freudenberg and unravel a story of innovation and vision.

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A world without plastic? No thank you!

Is plastic's bad reputation justified? For some surprising answers, two experts share their views.

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Long road from Syria to the Bergstrasse

Ali Abo Nasser came to Germany as a refugee. We tell his Freudenberg story. 

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Digital technologies for the medicine of the future

Digitalization: medicine of the future

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An invention from Japan conquers the world

What are smart plasters and how do they work?

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Precious water

Access to clean water is a challenge in many parts of the world. We develop solutions for water applications.

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