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A look into the Freudenberg Group's corporate archive



Freudenberg is successful through change. The company is evolving daily. Founded as a tannery, the Group’s first diversification was driven by the Simmerring. Today, Freudenberg is well-established in more than 40 markets and thousands of applications.

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Our timeline takes you on a journey with Freudenberg, from its early beginnings to its current status as a leading 21st century technology group. Documents, pictures and video from the past depict our story, building a bridge from tradition to modernity.

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The tannery in the Müllheimer Valley, in about 1880, later referred to as the "Müll plant."

85 Years of the Simmerring

The idea of manufacturing seal sleeves from leather scraps became the starting point in one of the most important developments in sealing technology: the Simmerring®. For 85 years, the Simmerring has been inseparable from the Freudenberg history of success, and, in Europe, its name has even become a synonym for (radial) shaft seal rings of every kind.

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Get to know the Rhine-Neckar Region where Freudenberg's headquarters in Weinheim is located.