International Fashion Trends on the Catwalk

Weinheim, May 7, 2014. The atmosphere is electric. 200 onlookers from right around the globe sit either side of the catwalk. A couple of women with headscarves and long dresses are deep in conversation with each other. A Japanese man shows fashion photos to his neighbor on his cell phone. Two young men in dark suits talk about current fashion trends in Italian. Then – action! The spotlight falls on a woman with long, blonde hair. Wearing a grey coat she strides the catwalk effortlessly - fast music playing in the background. She appears to smile, then turns. The audience applauds. For the next hour, Simone Visani, Sales Manager at Freudenberg Interlining, and host of the fashion show this evening, demonstrates how the latest fashion trends can be created using interlinings.

Whether in the neckline of a blouse, light-weight padding in a winter coat or the printed inner lining of a jacket: interlinings ensure that garments sit perfectly and are perfectly shaped. They inspire global fashion designers such as Louis Vuitton to create sophisticated designs and outlandish fashion.

Raucous applause comes for a pink-padded winter coat with flowers sewn onto the sleeves. Members of the audience hold their cell phones high above their heads to take pictures of the model. The new, innovative volume nonwoven is as soft as down, light and voluminous. The nonwoven is just as warm as down in a winter coat and holds the warmth even when the garment is damp.

A ladies black and white snake skin print jacket and a man's blue jacket with a yellow inner lining: printed interlinings of woven fabric used for the padding of a coat or blazer sewn to the outer fabric is a further trend. Interlinings of nonwoven material, weft or knitted fabric in the front panel of the blazer make sure the material remains in shape. And interlinings are also used in the pant legs, ensuring a good line.

Often, a garment only receives its final look once it has been sewn. Up to 20 different process stages may be involved before the product is sold. The interlining also needs to withstand processes such as dyeing, bleaching or printing without damage.

It should also be suitable for use with many different textiles, have good adhesion and be able to tolerate heat and cold without distortion. This is why Freudenberg developers are continuously working on improved interlinings and properties.

Over and over - audience members can be seen jotting down notes, taking photos and sketching right throughout the fashion show. While some shake their heads skeptically, others whip out their cell phones to quickly take a photo. "I've got a lot of new ideas about what can be done with interlinings," explains a buyer of an Italian fashion house. The event this evening marks the prelude to a meeting of the International Association of Clothing Designers and Executives in Heidelberg, Germany.

Two hundred and fifty million square meters of interlinings from a variety of materials, half of which are nonwovens, are manufactured at 100 sites in more than 70 countries worldwide. Manufacturing facilities are located in Europe, Asia, South America and South Africa. Interlinings must meet exacting specifications: garments need to hug the figure but still be comfortable. High elasticity in all directions is achieved using bi-elastic interlinings. For this purpose, Freudenberg has developed special elastic nonwovens, H-elastic interlinings.