Vileda celebrates 70th anniversary

Success from constant product innovation

The Vileda brand was founded in 1948 and celebrates its anniversary this year. Over the past decades, the company has revolutionized the world of cleaning through innovation. The legendary Vileda window cloth, the Glitzi sponge and – not to mention – the Vileda mop have set new standards in their market segments. To this day, the Vileda brand from Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions continues to develop new products and materials and optimize existing ones.

Cleaning, mopping, vacuuming, sweeping - Vileda has right solutions for many different household cleaning tasks. For 70 years, Vileda has had the knack of making housework easier for customers with innovative cleaning products. Vileda is the global market leader in mechanical cleaning and present in more than 35 countries.

It all began in 1947 when two employees at the Weinheim plant noticed the janitorial staff using nonwoven remnants for cleaning. The idea was seized upon – and the Vileda window cloth was born. The name "Vileda" derives from the German “wie Leder” or "like leather"; the non-woven cloth felt like a chamois leather and was introduced to the market in 1948. 

Product durability and long life are particularly important along with customer benefits. Vileda also takes the cultures of the various countries into account. Every country has its own cleaning habits. Consumer market research and product innovation are key in developing household products. Compared to the classic German brooms with telescopic handles, traditional cleaning brooms in India are made with natural fibers and must be replaced with a new one – every three months on average. This is where Vileda saw an opportunity. Since 2013, the company has been making a high-tech version of the traditional broom. The No Dust Broom, made especially for the Indian market, has polymer fiber bristles that last longer and are washable. 

Recently, the electric cleaning segment has also gained a foothold in many households. Robots vacuum automatically, window vacuums clean with the help of lithium-ion batteries and brooms have electrical support. Vileda also markets the "ViROBi Slim" dust wiping robot and "VR 302" suction robot for fully automatic floor cleaning.

The Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions Business Group develops innovative cleaning technologies and has years of technical and material expertise connected to all Freudenberg Business Groups. Innovations are the foundation of the brand and are part of Freudenberg's diversified product range across the Business Groups.


Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions

Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions is a leading global supplier of branded cleaning systems as well as household and laundry care products whose advanced solutions make the lives of millions of consumers around the world easier. The portfolio includes brands like Vileda®, O'Cedar®, Oates, Gimi®, Gala®, Wettex® and Marigold®. With a leading market position in almost all of the countries in which it operates, the company generated sales of more than €938 million and employed more than 3,000 people in 2017. New, effective products and distribution channels, technical innovations and a strong customer focus have been the company’s key success factors for many years. They are supported by extensive market and customer research on an international basis, innovation centres and production plants around the world and a distribution network in more than 35 countries.