Health, Safety & Environmental Protection

The primary objective of our HSE principles (Health, Safety and Environment) is the prevention of all accidents, preventive health care, and the continuous reduction in the negative impact of business activities on the environment.

For the wellbeing of people and the good of the environment

Freudenberg is devoted to the well-being of its employees and their personal development. Occupational health, safety and environmental protection are an integral part of all processes.

This approach has enabled the Freudenberg Group to reduce the number of accidents to a low level relative to industry benchmarks and to maintain this low level. Existing measures are reinforced and enhanced with innovative approaches to ensure continuous improvement.

Success in occupational safety serves as a benchmark for other areas of HSE where Freudenberg also engages in continuous improvement. In addition to reducing environmental impacts, this is particularly relevant with regard to health protection.

Facts & Figures

Key Figures

Key figure



Energy consumption2,583 gigawatt hours2,485 gigawatt hours
Energy efficiency     0.22 kWh/€ sales0.21 kWh/€ sales
Energy cost / sales2.7%2.4%
Renewable energy as a proportion
of total energy consumption
Health and Safety  
Total number of accidents with at least
one day of work lost
Investments on occupational health & safety, 
environment protection and sustainability
48.8 million €45.3 million €
HSE management system  
Plants with ISO 1400185%82%
Plants with OHSAS/ISO 4500175%77%

Occupational safety

Occupational health and safety have top priority at Freudenberg. Our internal reporting uses the WRIFR (Work Related Incident Frequency Rate) in addition to the LDIFR (Lost Day Incident Frequency Rate) performance indicator. Occupational safety focuses on measures aimed at raising awareness of safe conduct among all employees as well as the design of safe working systems.

Our safety culture is subject to regular review.

Preventive healthcare

Since the start in 2002, our “We all take care” initiative has motivated employees around the world to make their work and workstations safer, healthier and more environmentally friendly, and to take responsibility for society.

A large number of projects submitted for the “We all take care” Award is usually dedicated to the topic of preventive healthcare. This is a testament to great commitment and creativity of Freudenberg employees with regard to physical and mental health.

Environmental protection

Freudenberg is committed to protecting the environment and assumes responsibility for making its activities as environmentally compatible as possible.

The goal is to continuously reduce the negative environmental impact along the entire value chain by using natural resources more efficiently, reducing emissions, saving energy, water and other consumables, and by optimizing transport processes.

Management Systems

Freudenberg uses management systems for occupational safety (ISO 45001) and environmental protection (ISO 14001). Many sites have introduced energy management systems in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001 or conduct energy audits pursuant to EN 16246 to improve energy consumption, thereby reducing the impact of industrial activities on the environment.