Freudenberg & Co.

Freudenberg & Co. Kommanditgesellschaft is the strategic management company of the Freudenberg Group. It comprises the Management Board, the Board of Partners, the General Meeting and the Corporate Functions. 

The Management Board takes decisions on fundamental strategic issues in the Group. The Corporate Functions guide, coordinate and monitor Group activities. They define Group-wide guidelines and support the Business Groups as consultants and service providers.


Corporate functions: Corporate Legal; Corporate Tax and Customs; Corporate Information Technology; Corporate Treasury and Finance; Corporate Partners’ Relations; Freudenberg Technology Innovation*; Corporate Controlling and Accounting; Corporate Human Resources; Corporate Strategic Planning and Business Development; Corporate Health, Safety, Security, Environment; Corporate Communications; Corporate Insurance*; Corporate Audit; Freudenberg Real Estate*

* The Corporate Functions of Freudenberg Technology Innovation, Corporate Insurance and Freudenberg Real Estate are independent companies external to the Freudenberg & Co. Kommanditgesellschaft.

Management Board

The Management Board consists of the General Partners, who may or may not be members of the family. Other persons may also be appointed to the Board who may not be General Partners. The Management Board is jointly responsible for the management of the Freudenberg Group. Two to three members of the Management Board form an Advisory Board for each of the Business Groups and Divisions, reporting to the parent company in order to conduct a close dialogue with these units. Its members are assigned responsibilities for individual Group Functions, Business Groups and Divisions whose managers report directly to them. The members of the Management Board of Freudenberg & Co. KG are identical to the members of the Board of Management of Freudenberg SE.

The Management Board currently consists of the following members:


Board of Partners

The Board of Partners consists of between seven and a maximum of 13 members, the majority of whom must be members of the Freudenberg family or the spouse of a member of the Freudenberg family. The Board of Partners advises the Management Board, supervises the conduct of business and promotes good understanding between the partners and the company.

The Board of Partners currently consists of the following members:




Deputy Chairman

  • Dr. Christoph Schücking (Frankfurt)
  • Mathias Thielen (Zürich, Switzerland)



  • Dr. Richard Beecroft (Bruchsal)
  • Anna Maria Braun (Melsungen)
  • Carlos M. Cardoso (Incline Village, USA)
  • Dr. Maria Freudenberg-Beetz (Weinheim)
  • Martin Haas-Wittmüß (Dreieich)
  • Essimari Kairisto (Korschenbroich)
  • Dr. Richard Pott (Leverkusen)
  • Walter Schildhauer (Stuttgart)
  • Prof. Dr. Emanuel Towfigh (Bad Soden)
  • Dr. Jürgen Zeschky (Aurich)

General Meeting

Freudenberg is a family company. The company is owned by 370 descendants of the founder, Carl Johann Freudenberg. The Partnership Agreement signed by the Partners was extended in July 2015 for a further period of 30 years. The General Meeting takes place at least once a year, if possible within eight months of the end of the business year. The General Meeting elects the members of the Board of Partners, appoints the General Partners and is responsible for basic issues concerning the company.

Corporate Functions

The Corporate Functions of Freudenberg & Co. control, coordinate and supervise the activities of the Freudenberg Group, also providing support to the Business Groups. Some Corporate Functions, particularly those dealing with legal and tax affairs, charge for services rendered to Business Groups.


Freudenberg & Co. Kommanditgesellschaft

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