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Are you looking for a job that makes you proud? We strive to create environments where safety remains a top priority allowing you to focus on building life-changing products we all use daily.

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Ram, Electrical technician

Ram is proud to work at Freudenberg e-Power Systems. They are the world's leading supplier of emission-neutral energy systems. A driving force behind this future-oriented success is always thinking and acting as a team.

  • Corporate Events

    We celebrate success as a team, because only together can we achieve our goals.

  • Safe environment

    We strive to ensure safety remains a top priority, and provide a stable environment for our employees.

  • Personal development

    We offer a variety of trainings to ensure you can develop in your career.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    We focus on providing an inclusive environment and recognize our diversity contributes to our success.

  • Workwear

    For your safety & well-being we provide the proper clothing and equipment.

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