Personal Development, Experience and Career Advancement

The Finance and Controlling Graduate Program and the Finance and Controlling Management Program are two programs designed for a variety of individuals, including senior year students/graduates and professionals who already started their career in finance and controlling.

The two programs at Freudenberg are an enthralling and exciting journey into one of the most fascinating and challenging business functions: finance and controlling. ​

Your journey begins with us.

Graduate Program: Personal Development and Real Experience

Senior year students/graduates ​

Within 18 months you gain hands-on experience about the breadth and depth of finance and controlling as you rotate through key areas and get the opportunity to learn from the best. That enables you to confidently pursue sound financial goals after the successful completion of the program. 

​Work, network, and learn with a diverse group of employees who want to contribute to Freudenberg's success stories, be a part of shaping Freudenberg's future, and are eager to learn and grow. ​

After the 18 months in Freudenberg, the program offers you a long-term expert or management careerpath in finance and controlling. ​

Your profile

  • You have a Bachelor Degree or greater in the area of finance and controlling.​
  • ​You ideally have already some practical work experience through internships and through your academic career.​
  • ​You have a growth mindset, willing to take any opportunity to learn and develop.​
  • ​You are mobile and/or open to travel.​
  • ​You can align with the Freudenberg Guiding Principles.

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Management Program: Broad Experience and Career Advancement


During the program you work on innovative and challenging projects alongside supportive, equally experienced colleagues and experts in finance and controlling. You get to know different areas in the organization and rotate between key learning areas in finance and controlling. You find out during that time what interests you most for your further career in the finance and controlling environment.​

Your mentor provides care and support in all aspect of your personal and professional development​

After the 18 month, you are given the opportunity for a management career path into a higher management role in finance and controlling. ​

Your profile

  • You have a Bachelor Degree or greater in the area of finance and controlling.​
  • You have a successful track record in finance and controlling for 2-3 years.​
  • ​You have a growth mindset and leadership aspiration, willing to take any opportunity to learn and develop further and support others in their development.​
  • ​You are mobile and/or open to travel.​
  • ​You can align with the Freudenberg Guiding Principles.​

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  • Wellness support

  • Great networking opportunities

  • Career advancement employee training and development

  • An advisory figure who provides care and support in all aspect of you career development

  • Diversity and Inclusion Culture

Build and shape your world of Finance with Freudenberg

Join Freudenberg to start building and sharing what you have. You make a significant contribution to the Freudenberg company by sharing.

As you share, you reap the numerous benefits that come with being a Freudenberg resident.​

  • Rita Conti​

    With the Freudenberg Sealing Technologies global graduate program, you have a great opportunity to network and be involved in challenging, strategic projects.

  • Cecilia Cia​

    At Freudenberg, you can be yourself. Your voice is always heard, valued and respected.

  • Charlotte

    I appreciate how Freudenberg lives up to its values of diversity, innovation and commitment to its employees’ well-being and personal development.