Freudenberg Flow Technologies

Freudenberg Flow Technologies is a leading international manufacturer of industrial sealing technology. The Business Group with the strong EagleBurgmann brand develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of high-quality products for pumps, compressors, agitators and special machines. The sealing systems are used where safety and reliability are important, for example in renewable and alternative energies, in the (petro-)chemical industry and in refineries, in pharmaceuticals and food production, in power plants or water applications.

Freudenberg Flow Technologies offers its customers worldwide sealing solutions that enable entire branches of industry to operate more sustainably and become greener. A dense sales and service network ensures excellent customer proximity all over the world and is optimally complemented by digital offerings.

Products and Services

Liquid- and gas-lubricated mechanical seals and seal supply systems, magnetic couplings, carbon floating ring seals, flat gaskets and stuffing box packings, expansion joints, component elastomer specialty seals, seals and sealing kits for RAM/annular blowout preventers, thermoplastic seals, seal stacks/components, connectors with metal-on-metal sealing solutions for offshore/underwater applications, TotalSealCare© services, Academy. Proprietary products include: Unitized Seal-Lok™ SPO® Compact Flange, Techlok® and BlueLock® Clamp Connectors, Optima® Subsea Connector, BlueSky-RotaBall™,  Swivel Connector, FlexBall™ plug connectors, AlignLock™ Misalignment Flange WellProtek® Annulars.


Freudenberg Flow Technologies
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