Yoga for Empowerment

En route to greater self-confidence and self-employment. A Klüber Lubrication employee runs yoga workshops for women in India.

Incredible India – a nation of 1.25 billion, bustling cities, sizzling spicy food, exquisitely carved temples, spirituality and – extreme poverty. Around a third of India’s population lives below the poverty line with a large proportion of poor people living in rural areas. Just as incredible as India is – are the personal efforts of Kranthi Kiran to improve poor peoples’ lives – and especially the lives of women.

Late 2014, Kiran devised a program – Yoga for Empowerment – to take holistic health into the rural villages of India. His aim was not only to improve peoples’ health but also to engage, educate and empower. Yoga for Empowerment delivers yoga workshops to underresourced communities. The program teaches local people about the importance of yoga for everyone, as well as how to build yoga into their everyday lives. Participants are also trained to continue teaching and practicing independently.

As Kiran explains, “I believe women and young Girls especially can be empowered by developing self-esteem, leadership and confidence through yoga and sport. And through the empowerment of women, we can work much more effectively on building sustainable communities.”

Kiran’s Yoga for Empowerment program not only reflects his own personal engagement, but also the social responsibility values of the Freudenberg Group. His commitment to people who are socially-disadvantaged highlights how being a “good neighbor” can transform peoples’ lives very simply for the better.

Project Management - Yoga - Travel

In his professional life, Kranthi Kiran has gone through multiple role changes at Klüber Lubrication in India. Kranthi first joined Freudenberg in 2008 as a member of the Freudenberg India Entrepreneurial Leadership Development Program, right after graduating from one of India’s leading colleges for management and engineering. Following the year-long program, he spent seven months in Munich with Klüber Lubrication’s Global Operations Management.

Since then, the 32-year-old has held several cross-functional roles at Klüber Lubrication India. “There is a lot that my travels have taught me for my professional life,” Kranthi says. “Adaptability, dealing with uncertainties, opening up to new thoughts through new cultures, learning new languages, experiencing new cuisines, seeing new landscapes and finding order in chaos.”

For Kranthi Kiran, yoga is more than just a sport.