With masks – the quality counts

Wearers of Collectex masks from Freudenberg can breathe air very easily and effectively protect their surroundings thanks to their filtering performance of at least 98 percent of the relevant aerosols.

Freudenberg is a leading manufacturer of high-quality technical fabrics and textiles. Produced with extensive material expertise and innovative processes, the nonwovens are high-tech components used in countless applications. They also feature in facemasks that help limit the spread of COVID-19.

The masks, with the brand name “Collectex”, filter at least 98 percent of the wearer’s relevant aerosols and are easy to breathe through. They provide better protection for those around you than many other types of mask. “We are one of the few suppliers that manufacture high-quality masks in significant quantities in Germany”, says Dr. Thomas Caesar, Director Global Filter Technology at Freudenberg Filtration Technologies.

The Collectex mask consists of two outer layers of spunlaid nonwoven and a core of meltblown nonwoven. The fiber diameters are between one third (spunlaid nonwoven) and one thirtieth (meltblown nonwoven) of a human hair. In addition, the fine fibers are electrostatically charged. The high filtration capacity results from the combination of this electrostatic charge and the fineness of the individual fibers.

The masks are available at:

The Collectex masks are sold by Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions and are available online via Amazon and in the Vileda shop, in Germany as well as in Great Britain, France and Italy. In Germany, they can be bought at dm and Kaufland, while in Portugal they are sold by Sonae and in the USA by Publix.

Magnetic attraction

The efficient and breathable nonwovens enable two filter effects to work simultaneously. The inertia effect means that some particles cannot follow the airflow around the fibers and remain attached to them. The diffusion effect causes very small particles to move irregularly in the airflow, so they are very likely to touch the fibers. Both inertia and diffusion effects are enhanced by the mask’s electrostatic charge. The fibers then attract and hold the particles like a magnet. 

Most everyday masks made of fabric are far removed from such functions. “I would advise against these models. They often look good, but the filtration performance is either far too low or it is hard to breathe if they consist of several layers of fabric”, Caesar explains. Not all masks are the same. He says it is therefore important for people to pay attention to quality if they want to protect other people efficiently.

Freudenberg has had its Collectex masks tested in independent laboratories according to medical standards. They are also labeled with the European CE mark as a medical product. When people buy everyday masks with this marking, they can be sure that they meet high standards, for example in terms of tolerability and performance.

Masks for the world

As the fight against the corona virus continues, the demand for high-quality face masks is increasing. Freudenberg is therefore starting production of medical and N95 masks at its Durham site in North Carolina, USA. These masks can effectively protect the wearers themselves and those around them. The company is cooperating with the Nonwovens Institute (NWI) at North Carolina State University. Freudenberg is providing the expertise and personnel for the installation, operation and maintenance of four new production lines provided by NWI. More than one million masks per month will be produced for local universities, government organizations and hospitals. Freudenberg is also building six additional production lines for medical and N95 masks to supply stores and consumers with masks produced on the six additional lines.

In Asia it has long been common practice to wear masks in public. Freudenberg’s Japan Vilene Company Business Group has been producing facemasks and respiratory protection masks as well as filter materials for masks for the Asian market at its site in Ibaraki north of Tokyo for several years now.

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