Health, Safety and Environmental Protection

Health and Safety Protection

We place a high priority on the health, well-being and personal development of all our employees. Occupational health and safety are fostered and practised​ by everyone, at all levels, in line with Group requirements.

We are committed to integrating health protection, occupational safety and process safety into our day-to-day working routine. Everyone is responsible for playing an active part in keeping our workplaces safe, in all Freudenberg Group companies.

Through this approach, we have succeeded in reducing the number of accidents in the Freudenberg Group to a low level compared with other industrial companies. To ensure continuous improvement in this area, we both intensify existing measures and regularly introduce effective new approaches.

Our success in the field of safety also sets an example for other areas in which we intend to ensure continuous improvement. In HSE (Health, Safety and Environment), this mainly concerns environmental protection and health protection. Preventative health protection approaches are increasingly being pursued within the Group.​​​​​

Environmental Protection

The Freudenberg Group is committed to protecting the environment. It is our duty to use the natural resources we need for our processes, products and services carefully and sparingly. The protection of the environment is strongly positioned in Freudenberg's business practices. It is our target to continuously reduce the consumption of resources through optimized business processes. We also follow this principle in the redesign and modernization of buildings, the manufacture of products and the use of our products by customers.

Most of our production facilities are certified to ISO 14001 and we are continuously working on certification throughout the world. In addition, many of our Business Groups have other management systems in place, such as energy management systems in accordance with EMAS 16001 or ISO 50001.