Nothing but winners in the
“We all take care” Award

Since its launch in 2002, the Freudenberg-wide “We all take care” initiative has honored employees and teams who are especially committed to making work safer, healthier and more environmentally-friendly, or who have made a commitment to society. With 283 projects submitted, participation in the year under review was exceptionally high. The focus was on climate protection and sustainability.

First places

The four winners in 2022:

  • Freudenberg Service
  • Freudenberg Performance Materials
  • Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, Remagen
  • Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, Weinheim

For the 17 finalists, the outcome came as a complete surprise. For the first time since the Freudenberg-wide “We all take care” initiative was launched in 2002, the jury selected four joint first places in the “We all take care” Award. In doing so, the jury demonstrated the great significance of the initiative for the Group. The four winners include Freudenberg Service, who made a key contribution to combating the pandemic with its vaccination center at Weinheim Industrial Park, and Freudenberg Performance Materials in Nantong, who found a way to significantly reduce its energy consumption with the aid of intelligent compressed air control. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies took home two trophies: after the devastating floods in the Ahr valley, the Freudenberg Sealing Technologies team from Remagen was commended for its efforts in assisting colleagues and the neighboring communities in the disaster area. Freudenberg Sealing Technology in Weinheim used digital methods to analyze motion sequences ergonomically to improve workplace design.

Special prize

  • Japan Vilene Company
  • Vibracoustic, Bursa

In addition, two further Business Groups each received a special prize: as a first-time contributor to “We all take care”, Japan Vilene Company submitted a project for the prevention of cutting injuries. The jury also praised Vibracoustic’s Turkish site in Bursa for its submission of numerous project ideas over the last years. This year, the site came up with an idea on how to prevent workplace accidents involving industrial robots, and also launched a social relief project.