Excellent technology and living values

Freudenberg defines success as achieving financial success while at the same time taking the company’s responsibility for society and the environment seriously. The two goals are inseparably linked and firmly anchored in the company’s Guiding Principles.

Freudenberg is an agile and flexible global technology company with a scientifically-based vision of progress. Our employees are experts in products, services and solutions that are at the forefront of technology and used in thousands of applications and about 40 market segments. Our seals, vibration-control components, batteries and fuel cells, technical textiles, filters, cleaning technologies, specialty chemicals and medical products make a valuable contribution to the success of our customers around the world. The company has always been family-owned, and the values of the founder Carl Johann Freudenberg have kept it grounded. We have been true to these values since 1849.

Freudenberg offers creative technical solutions with excellent quality. Their bedrock is technological expertise and the capacity to innovate.

More than markets and metrics

Freudenberg stands for excellent technologies and innovations. For the company, though, that is not enough: while markets and metrics are important, Freudenberg is also resolved to take responsibility for society.

This responsibility comes in many forms: Freudenberg has set itself clear environmental goals, and aspires to become a climate-neutral company by 2045. The company also encourages diversity among the workforce and stands for a corporate culture that enables all employees to contribute their strengths. Freudenberg also embraces this responsibility outside the company in many areas where aid is needed. In 2022, for example, 3 million euros of immediate aid was donated to help victims of the war in Ukraine. The company also runs a global program to support education and environmental protection.

These examples demonstrate the depth of Freudenberg’s commitment to its value orientation.

The themes of the Freudenberg Group’s Guiding Principles are value for customers, leadership, responsibility, innovation, people, and long-term orientation. The “Responsibility” Guiding Principle is particularly relevant with regard to Freudenberg’s responsibility for society.

“Responsibility” Guiding Principle

Our company and its family shareholders together are committed to protecting the environment and being responsible corporate citizens in all countries and communities in which we do business. We take all possible care to ensure the safety of the workplace and of our products. As a family company, we strive for the highest standards of personal behavior. Fairness and integrity guide our conduct amongst ourselves, toward our business partners and toward the general public.

Freudenberg is a values-based technology company that feels a responsibility to its customers and society.

Freudenberg is a values-based technology company that feels a responsibility to its customers and society.

By tradition, all these themes are important for Freudenberg and are also anchored in the company’s Values and Principles as well as the Code of Conduct.

For politics and society, fairer and more sustainable business is becoming increasingly important. The EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, for example, places a growing focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. From the 2025 financial year at the latest, companies must apply the double materiality principle when reporting on their strategy, measures and KPIs with regard to essential ESG issues. Furthermore, under the EU Taxonomy Regulation, companies are required to disclose which of their products contribute to meeting the EU’s environmental objectives.