Another Order for Major Pipeline Project in Siberia

Weinheim. January 4, 2013. Since 2006, the seal manufacturer EagleBurgmann has supplied more than 160 double and single high pressure seals, supply systems, and spare parts amounting to more than six million euros to the East Siberia Pacific Ocean Pipeline (ESPO pipeline) by order of British and Russian pump manufacturers. In this project of superlatives, a 5,000 km long pipeline is being built in the east of Russia that will supply China, Japan, and Korea with Siberian oil. The pipeline is slated for completion in 2016. A large part of the 43 designated pumping stations will be equipped by EagleBurgmann - to date, 18 stations with 4 pumps each. The company has now received another major order for three pumping stations valued at 2.1 million euros.

EagleBurgmann's participation in this project illustrates Freudenberg's drive to expand its activities in the area of fossil fuel production. "The oil and gas sector is a key element of our business strategy," explains Dr. Mohsen Sohi, Speaker of the Freudenberg Board of Management. "Our experience and engineering know-how makes us a highly sought after partner in this industry. We will continue to make investments in this know-how and expand our activities in the oil and gas business."

27 EagleBurgmann high pressure seals, supply systems, and spare parts will be supplied and installed from January to May next year. The pumps and seals are subject to high requirements and loads due to environmental conditions and the crude oil to be conveyed. Extreme climatic and geographical conditions prevail in the area of operation. The 1.2 meter wide pipeline passes through areas prone to earthquakes and overcomes extreme differences in elevation. Furthermore, upon completion of the project the stations will be spaced approximately 150 km apart from each other. Consequently for this special case, exclusive use will be made of so-called "engineered" seals which have been constructed together with the planner, pump manufacturer, and system operator and which have previously proven to be well suitable for conveying media with corrosive and abrasive components. "The test runs allowed our customers to form their own opinions regarding our competence and the quality of the products. That was convincing," says Franz Schäfer, sales manager at EagleBurgmann.

EagleBurgmann has had comprehensive seal-related know-how, experience, and references in the oil & gas business for decades and offers seal systems that have proven to be suitable for high pressures, temperatures, and rotational speeds under extreme environmental conditions in this sector, such as in the ESPO pipeline.