SurTec Hangzhou one of the best foreign electroplating companies in China

At the fifth award ceremony of the Chinese electroplating industry held in Beijing at the end of April 2011, SurTec Hangzhou of Freudenberg's SurTec International Division took a place among the top ten foreign companies in the electroplating industry. The ceremony, held in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, was attended by more than 200 participants. During a five-month internet poll, SurTec Hangzhou, which is a Freudenberg Chemical Specialities company, received the most votes and moved on to the second round. The final selection and assessment was made by a panel of industry professionals, company board members and university professors. At the end of the process, SurTec Hangzhou was among the winners.

Alan Yip, Director, Marketing & Sales at SurTec Hangzhou, received the award. "SurTec has been active on the Chinese market for 12 years now. It is both a pleasure and an honor for me to receive this award as a sign of our recognition and acceptance in the industry," he said.

SurTec Hangzhou has produced environmentally compatible products for many years. This year, the company became part of the Freudenberg Group, which has placed it in a stronger position to continue growth and development. "We will do our best to continue our support for environmental protection in the future," said Alan Yip.

SurTec opened its plant at Hangzhou, China in 1999 and is now active at two locations. The company, which is part of the SurTec International Division of Freudenberg Chemical Specialities, develops, produces and markets chemical products and processes for the cleaning of industrial parts, metal pretreatment and electroplating.