Safe driving and a good night’s sleep

Shanghai, April 18, 2014. Spring is here. The days are getting longer, the birds are singing and the trees are starting to blossom. But not everyone is so happy about the mild weather. Spring is not the favorite season for allergy sufferers: Runny eyes, runny noses and fits of sneezing. Approximately one in three people suffer from these symptoms in China. The Freudenberg Group has launched a series of new products including respiratory masks, air filters for vehicle interiors, filter media for room air cleaners and nonwovens for anti-allergy bedding to make life easier for allergy sufferers. As a result, they can still enjoy a high quality of life by adapting their everyday routines to avoid allergens and by taking appropriate medication.

Spring is not an easy time of year for allergy sufferers. The air is full of pollen which causes allergic reactions in the mucous membranes of the airway, nose and eyes. The range of respiratory masks from Freudenberg Nonwovens effectively filters airborne pollen and dust, removing up to 90% of PM2.5 particulates. Their unique 2-layer special electrostatic materials for filtration help reduce exposure to certain airborne contaminants and make breathing easier. Freudenberg Nonwovens also produces masks for children and women which provide a custom fit and give better protection.

Spring poses more challenges to car drivers. Moist air together with particles from catkins, pollens, funguses and spores are a threat to driving safety. The presence of these particles or microorganisms can lead to confusion for car drivers. Allergy sufferers experience poor concentration and sneezing attacks. A sneeze in a car traveling at a speed of 80 miles per hour is equivalent to 25 meters of blind driving. The risk of an accident soars by over 30% due to allergies. The pollutant emissions from the vehicle in front may be absorbed by the vehicle traveling in the slipstream. As a result of this tunnel effect, drivers are exposed to considerably higher pollutant concentrations than pedestrians on the roadside. In this situation, micronAir cabin air filters from the Freudenberg Filtration Technologies Business Group (Freudenberg Filtration Technologies) can help. They offer protection against particulate matter and microorganisms like dust, pollen and bacteria as well as hazardous and harmful gases. Filtering between 10 and 150 liters of air per second, they can remove pollen, dust, particulate matter and bacteria effectively. "Cabin air filters should be replaced regularly, generally after 10,000 kilometers. In areas with serious air pollution, they should be replaced twice per year to ensure that they remain fully effective", recommends Dr Hua Li, General Manager of Freudenberg & Vilene Filter China.

For the PM2.5 hyperfocus problem in China, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies has introduced "Healthy New House" fine dust filters for use in room air cleaners. They improve the quality of life by removing dust and bacteria. micronAir Office air filters from Freudenberg Filtration Technologies are also used for trapping particulate emissions from office equipment like printers, photocopiers and shredders. Freudenberg has received the Seal of Quality of ECARF, the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation, for these products.

If you are an allergy sufferer you may not even be able to relax in your own bedroom but may well experience a runny nose and fits of coughing. Evolon bedding and mattress covers from the Freudenberg Nonwovens Business Group were developed especially for allergy sufferers. They offer effective protection against mites who find an ideal habitat in mattresses and bedding. These small but annoying creatures are the very allergen that may trigger asthma, allergic rhinitis and eczema. Evolon consists of very fine micro-fibers that meet the highest medical requirements and has an extremely dense structure. It provides the best possible barrier against mites and helps allergy sufferers get a good night's sleep.