New floor mop for China

Weinheim. February 16, 2011. At the end of last year, Freudenberg Household Products launched its new Spin-Mop with rotating handle on the Chinese market. "The product has been very well received in China, although the mop price is at high-end within segment. Users really appreciate the fact that this cleaning system keeps their hands clean during mopping and wringing," says Joanna Zhao, General Manager of Freudenberg Household Products (Suzhou) Ltd., noting that Chinese consumers' expectations for efficient cleaning have grown steadily over the past few years.

The first mops on the Chinese market were equipped with a pedal, but design weaknesses soon became evident. Consumers experienced problems such as pedal breakage and water spillage. The new mop from Freudenberg Household Products therefore features a rotating handle that works in the same way as a spinning-top. During wringing, the mop head can be turned manually using the spiral installed in the handle. The resulting rotation forces water out of the mop. The new version has undergone intensive laboratory tests and is designed to ensure that no patents are infringed.

The Spin-Mop also has a number of other advantages: the bucket has a low center of gravity to prevent it from tipping over, making wringing much easier. A handy lever lock means that the handle stays in the extended position, the right position for mopping, after the mop has been wrung out. In addition, users can simply take the wringer out of the bucket and use the bucket separately. Apart from the convenience of the system, users appreciate this flexibility, which allows them to mop a variety of floor coverings, including parquetry, laminate or smooth tiles.

The team of Freudenberg Household Products is convinced the product will be successful, and they are already working on a new version in order to continue to bring innovation to market.