Making China more beautiful

Shanghai, June 19, 2015. The fast-growing cosmetic mask market in China underlines the importance of reliable, high-quality materials. Freudenberg, a world-leading producer of nonwovens, meets the stringent market and consumer demands for materials that combine high performance with safety.

Cosmetic masks have become increasingly popular in mainland China since 2012, with annual sales rising at a rate of over 20 per cent – making masks the fastest-growing cosmetic product in the market. According to forecasts, total sales of cosmetic masks in mainland China will have reached 30 billion Yuan or more by 2015.

Nonwovens are the key raw material in the manufacture of cosmetic masks. As a world leader in the nonwovens industry, Freudenberg, with the long-standing expertise of its Performance Materials experts, entered the Chinese cosmetics market in late 2013.

Together with an international cosmetics producer, Freudenberg launched a cosmetic mask on the Chinese market with great success for the first time in 2014. Sales volume quickly reached the 12 million Yuan mark. Meanwhile, Freudenberg has been building partnerships with further customers, aimed at a growing market with great potential. Today Freudenberg and its global nonwovens partner, Japan Vilene Company, together develop two series of nonwovens for cosmetic masks in particular: EF and EW.

The EF series uses super-fine fibers as raw material. Such fibers are highly compatible with facial skin and have a high moisture absorption rate. They give the mask an especially smooth and silky feel and deliver a stronger cosmetic performance compared to competitor products. The EW series combines super-fine fibers and stretchable nonwovens. In addition to a smooth, silky feel and excellent facial skin compatibility, EW ensures that the mask adjusts perfectly to facial gestures and leaves the face with a skin tightening effect due to its stretchable qualities.

"Cosmetic masks are in great demand among skin care products," according to Dr. Leafy Qu, Senior Manager from Freudenberg & Vilene Nonwovens (Suzhou) Co. Ltd. "Cosmetic masks of high quality can absorb and hold more skin nutrients. Made of nonwovens, they have a positive effect on user comfort as well as beneficial cosmetic effects."

Triggered by the giant market potential and growth, as well as promoted by social media and online shopping, the cosmetic mask is undoubtedly the leading cosmetics product in China. In this scenario, raw materials with excellent performance that demonstrate safety and reliability are becoming ever more important.