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Ningbo, October 15th 2014. The official go live ceremony of HANA has taken place on October 15th 2014. The ceremony took place in Ningbo, the largest production location and R&D center in China of Ningbo Huaxiang (NBHX). NBHX is specialized in the development and production of automotive components for medium and premium class vehicles (e.g. VW, BMW, mercedes-benz, SAIC, etc). The company is listed at Shenzhen stock exchange since 2006.

In June 2014, the Freudenberg Business Group FIT China has signed its first SAP HANA Outsourcing contract with Ningbo Huaxiang Electronic Co., Ltd, the first SAP HANA outsourcing contract in China. Horst Reichardt, Chief Executive Officer of FIT Global expressed great confidence on the future co-operation between FIT and Huaxiang: "We're proud to see that the project brought improvement to the efficiency of our customers' operation. "More speed in data processing means our customers become more efficient at operation. Decision making will not become easier but faster", added Reto Bless, the General Manager of FIT China.

SAP HANA is a revolutionary database management system for both Big Data analytics and transactional processing. The solution brings speed, scalability, and data management to a new level. SAP HANA is a leader in the in-memory technology market.

"With the help of FIT we were able to establish a stable and reliable IT environment for our main system based on SAP. This is the reason why we have chosen FIT for the HANA outsorcing", said Mr. Duan Shanhu, general manager of Ningbo Huaxiang at the ceremony, "we are very satisfied with the services of FIT."