Innovations for better air quality

Shanghai, November 6, 2013. In many conurbations throughout the world, air quality is a key issue. In China, this problem is being tackled by a comprehensive catalogue of measures with the support of the law. In this context, Freudenberg products can play a key role: modern air filters for vehicles, homes and workplaces, innovative seal solutions that help reduce CO2 emissions, modern lubricants that improve the energy balance of machines and also reduce emissions. "Freudenberg solutions can make a direct contribution to the reduction of air pollution and environmental pollution in general," said Hanno D. Wentzler, Regional Representative Asia of the Freudenberg Group and CEO of Freudenberg Chemical Specialities, today at a press conference in Shanghai. "Technologies and products that offer sustainable solutions to the problems of modern industrial societies have a positive impact on the business development of the Freudenberg Group in China. In the financial year to date, China has confirmed its significant role in the overall success of the Group."

In the first three quarters of 2013, the sales of the Freudenberg Group in China grew by about 14 percent over the comparable period of 2012. The workforce is about 5600 people, a slight increase compared with the same period of the previous year. Freudenberg's success in China is mainly based on the Group's long-term commitment, which has been systematically developed and expanded and now includes more than 70 locations. The Group is consistently pursuing its sound investment policy based on the requirements of the local market. Since 2004, Freudenberg has invested more than 2 billion yuan in locations, production facilities and technology centers. "This business policy is the foundation of our success," said Wentzler. "In future, we will further strengthen our business by the targeted expansion of our local research and development work, which is specially tailored to meet the needs of Chinese customers." By the end of 2013, a new research and development centre for specialty lubricants and release agents is to be developed in Qingpu. This will allow the further intensification of cooperation with Chinese customers on the development of special solutions for the local market. Over a period of about three years, some CNY 150 million are to be invested in Qingpu.

Filter solutions for better air quality

For more than 50 years, Freudenberg has supplied innovative filter systems: solutions that make processes more economical, conserve resources, protect people and the environment, and help improve air quality. Filters protect people against fine particles and pollutants in the air. At production plants, they also make a key contribution not only to health and safety but also to process optimization and product quality. For example, Freudenberg filters at paint shops prevent painted surfaces from being contaminated by dust and also keep the air suitable for breathing. In medical technology, where absolutely clean production rooms are needed, Freudenberg filters are used for controlling contamination. In cars, cabin air filters from Freudenberg make for clean air. Two out of three new production cars feature cabin air filters from Freudenberg. In addition, air intake filters for engines improve engine efficiency. A comprehensive portfolio of filters for room and cleaners rounds off the range.

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies has five locations in China. At Chengdu, Freudenberg invested CNY 36 million in a new plant to meet the growing demand for automobile filters in Western China. "From Chengdu, we are supplying highly advanced filtration technology to the growing automobile industry in the region, including companies such as Volkswagen and Geely Volvo", explained Hua Li, General Manager of Freudenberg Vilene Filter. "Thanks to this investment, we will be able to supply our local customers even faster and more efficiently." Other facilities are located in Suzhou, Changchun, Guangzhou and Beijing.

Avoiding CO2 emissions

With many of its products, Freudenberg is playing an essential role in improving the efficiency and safety of plants for the production of renewable energy, such as wind farms and hydropower plants or through components for fuel cell systems.
The Group's Low Emission Sealing Solutions – LESS – program includes effective products for CO2 avoidance. Special components minimize friction, making for lower energy consumption and lower emissions. At the production facility in Changchun, the NOK-Freudenberg Group China produces various components of the LESS program for the Chinese market.

Specialty lubricants for an improved energy balance

Specialty lubricants that improve the efficiency of machines are an effective approach to CO2 reduction at industrial plants and production facilities. For example the use of polyglycol oils instead of conventional oils can improve the efficiency of transmissions by up to 15%, resulting in similar energy savings.