High performance nonwovens in fight against aircraft noise

Shanghai, October 23, 2013. After the USA, China has the second highest volume of air traffic worldwide – and the volume continues to soar. One airport with high passenger traffic is Shenyang Taoxian International. With eleven million passengers and more than 82,000 flights per year this airport is a major hub for air traffic in North China. To make people's stay at the airport stress-free - for instance by stopping the city bustle and noise from the planes as they take off from penetrating the building – Freudenberg Group engineers developed an ingenious solution. The company supplied SoundTex®, a high-performance acoustic nonwoven that significantly improves room acoustics by shortening reverberation time.

"SoundTex® creates a pleasant atmosphere, by shortening reverberation in the building. The nonwoven prevents the bouncing back of acoustic noise from highly-reflective building materials used in airports and railway stations," explains Perry Liao, Sales Manager China & Southeast Asia at Freudenberg & Vilene Nonwovens. Around 80,000 square meters of roof are insulated with SoundTex® sound-absorbing nonwovens at Shenyang Taoxian International airport. The 0.27 millimeter thick material ensures that the noise from aircraft taking off and landing, as well as the noise level within the airport itself, is reduced.

"We are proud of this prestigious project. Our contribution serves first and foremost to improve noise protection at this important air traffic hub. And given the growing volume of air traffic in China it opens numerous long-term market opportunities for us as well," Hanno D. Wentzler, the Freudenberg Group's Regional Representative in China and President and CEO of Freudenberg Chemical Specialities, underscored.

SoundTex® – a solution for many different problems

Each day, millions of people pour through Chinese airports – airports that have to meet a multitude of differing requirements. Challenges such as considerable and different types of noise pollution, as well as strict regulations in the areas of safety, sustainability and energy efficiency have to be overcome. Minimizing the volume of noise not only reduces noise pollution for people nearby, it also means that announcements given out over the loudspeakers can be better understood. Furthermore, this innovative nonwoven is free of noxious substances and is therefore not harmful in case of fire. The very thin and light material – it weighs only 63 grams per square meter – is easy to install and does not detract from the architecture. These benefits have not only been recognized at Shenyang Taoxian International Airport, but also at Shanghai-Hongqiao Airport, Beijing Capital Airport, Hong-Kong International Airport and the International Airport Guangzhou.