Freudenberg innovates with China for the wind power market

Beijing, October 15, 2015. China Wind Power (CWP) 2015, one of the key industry events for wind energy manufacturers to display their latest developments in technology and products, takes place in Beijing on October 14-16. As a leading global technology group, Freudenberg offers an extensive range of products, solutions and services in the wind energy sector. For the first time – five Freudenberg companies, Klüber Lubrication, NOK-Freudenberg, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, Chem-Trend and SurTec, are taking part in the conference together. All five Freudenberg companies are leading brands in specific wind energy segments and will be presenting their solutions for the domestic market.

As the largest wind power market in the world, China has a significant role in the wind power industry, accounting for 40 percent of the world's new wind power generation installation. Operating a wind power plant demands the highest standards in terms of both materials and technology. Hanno D. Wentzler, Regional Representative Asia, said, "Freudenberg offers state-of-the-art and sustainable technology for renewable energies such as wind power, which is key for China's long-term development. With five Freudenberg companies joining the exhibition with their innovative products, we are demonstrating our commitment to innovating together with our partners in the Chinese wind energy market."

Speciality lubricants for increased efficiency

With more than 85 years of experience, Klüber Lubrication is one of the world's market leaders in speciality lubricants. The company provides a complete lubricant portfolio for wind turbines, including generator bearings, main bearings, pitch bearings, yaw bearings, main gearboxes, drive gearboxes and slip rings. The lubricants, tailor-made for wind turbines, have been well recognized and recommended by customers. Wang Shu, General Manager Sales and Marketing at Klüber Lubrication China, said, "We are hoping to combine the experience and technology that Klüber Lubrication has accumulated across the world, and use it to make a significant contribution to the growing wind power industry in China."

High tech sealing products for superior protection

Wind power plants require extremely powerful and reliable seals. The sealing products of NOK-Freudenberg, such as the Radiamatic® series and profile rings are mainly used in main bearings as well as pitch and yaw bearings in wind turbines under different operating conditions for both onshore and offshore. With the Radiamatic® R35 and R55, NOK-Freudenberg offers the right solution for all main bearings that are lubricated by oil or grease – whether installed in original equipment, or during maintenance. The type Radiamatic® R35 has proven its suitability for wind turbines for more than 20 years. The oil seal Radiamatic® R55 offers superior protection against environmental conditions. This seal is based on the type Radiamatic® R35 but it features an additional deflector lip, thoroughly protecting the bearing from surrounding conditions.

Filter solution applications for extreme conditions

Offshore wind power equipment is prone to sea salt erosion which causes damage and low efficiency to the operation. The anti-salt damage filters developed by Freudenberg Filtration Technologies are used in air supply unit and power storage equipment. A fresh air supply is needed to cool the offshore wind power facility. The anti-salt damage filters can reliably protect against corrosion from salt damage in high temperature and humidity conditions, thereby reducing maintenance costs.

High-performance and sustainable chemicals

For wind power customers, Chemlease® release system products from Chem-Tend, a global leader in the manufacture of high-performance release agents and chemical process aids, have been formulated to optimally function as a complete system, combining effective mold sealers, primers, release agents, and mold cleaners. This series of products can be used to achieve the performance of ready molds faster, keep molds cleaner and produce more parts per shift as well as to prolong the service life of the mold.

Green products to meet exacting environmental standards

SurTec is a global specialist in the development and manufacture of chemicals for surface technology. As a "green" source of energy and bearing in mind the requirement to meet challenging environmental standards, wind energy components need an environmentally-friendly surface treatment process. SurTec is devoted to developing greener products such as phosphate-free low nitrogen content cleaners for conversion film. During the industrial cleaning process, SurTec products not only meet high cleanliness requirements for wind components such as gears, but also achieve the effect of both temporary rust protection between processes and rust protection in long-term storage.