Freudenberg Gala launches high-end cleaning trolley

Mumbai, April 11, 2016: Freudenberg Gala, a Freudenberg Group company, and a global leader in mechanical cleaning products, has recently launched the high-end Vileda Professional CE 3 Bucket Trolley for cleanroom applications in India. The professional cleaning trolley is designed for major pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers and hospitals, where controlled environments play a key role in the organization's operations. Controlled environments, such as an intensive care unit in a hospital or production and microbiological areas of a pharmaceutical company, are highly-sanitized due to the nature of the work involved. Any contamination is an expensive proposition for an organization, with significant consequences for people's health, as well as financial implications. Therefore, cleaning in such areas must be consistently meticulous and thorough.

The trolley, which is almost equivalent to the price of a small car in India, can be used in all classes of cleanroom such as GMP  Classes A, B, C and D, and helps to avoid any cross-contamination. In contrast to trolleys made of brushed stainless steel, the Vileda Professional trolley is electro-polished and therefore avoids contamination by residual matter. This ensures excellent biological control while being easy to clean and fully autoclavable (can work perfectly in pressurized enclosures). The trolley offers ample space for all utensils needed while cleaning effectively. Each trolley can be customized with various buckets, boxes, sieves and bin bags. A MicroControl CE Mop is also provided alongside the trolley which is used to pick up the smallest contaminants of 0.15 microns. The mop is accredited with ISO Class 2 as assessed by the Fraunhofer Institute, Germany.

"The product is really evolutionary when it comes to cleaning in controlled environments. The 3 Bucket CE Trolley is a stainless steel trolley, manufactured at Freudenberg Household Products Ox Ab Finland, using the best of processes such as electro-polishing, immersed in an electrolysis tank for 90 hours and requiring limited welding. 90 percent of the trolley is moulded, in contrast to most other trolleys available on the market today," said Jatin Gala, COO, Freudenberg Gala Household Product Pvt. Ltd.

The trolley is also extremely light, weighing only 7.5 kg, occupies less than half a square meter and is also highly-maneuverable in tight spaces.

The cleaning solutions market is growing. With the Indian government's initiative of "Clean India" also known as "Swachh Bharat," attitudes with regard to cleanliness are also changing within the country. India is one of the fastest-growing cleanroom technology markets with demand for cleanrooms coming from the flourishing pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, an increase in the use of cleanrooms in the medical services industry, stringent healthcare regulations as well as the emergence of biotechnology. Cleanroom applications are dynamic in nature in the healthcare industry, where patients, products and processes are to be protected against contamination of any kind, such as from aerosols, dust particles, bacteria, viruses and pollen.