Committed to Data Security

January 17, 2014, Suzhou. Data security has been a major area of interest at a global level. Leakage and loss of data not only has a negative effect on organizations, but may also compromise the privacy of individuals. In this Internet age, cloud computing and data centers could greatly enhance the ability of organizations to respond quickly to competitors; during development organizations constantly face the challenge of maintaining data security. Freudenberg IT China, one of the fastest growing IT companies in China, opened a new data center in SISDC in Suzhou on January 17. Combined with industry leading management and service capabilities, data safety solutions will be enhanced to a new level.

"Stationed in this data center, Freudenberg IT will become a leading service provider in the computing services industry in China and provide a better platform and services to meet growing customer demand," says Horst Reichardt, CEO of Freudenberg IT today at the opening ceremony of the new data center. "We are committed to continuing to provide long-term, stable and secure products and services for our customers in China ."

Freudenberg IT has been committed to providing SMEs with safe and reliable computing services with its development in the region. The powerful combination with the SISDC data center will bring the most secure and efficient solutions to customers. The data center was built with 900 million RMB of investment in Suzhou Industrial Park in 2010. All the critical components, including citizen power supply, UPS, diesel generators, air-conditioning system, network connection etc., have multiple back-ups and fire extinguisher systems and security management are connected with Suzhou Industry Park government. The data center has passed the highest design level certification for data centers organized by the Uptime Institute, which has become the first commercial data center to win Tier IV level certification in China. Combined with another data center in Freudenberg IT Suzhou, the two data centers serve as redundant to each other and ensure a higher level of customer data security with disaster recovery.

Based on the secure facilities infrastructure, FIT provides private customer cloud computing services to companies. On the one hand, this private cloud makes use of the flexibility and scalability of cloud technologies; on the other hand, it ensures computing performance and data security, because it is open only to FIT's premium customers. The customers do not need to spend much time on IT infrastructure and can therefore focus on their core competence and provide a better service to their customers.

Freudenberg IT possesses the largest number of enterprise customers in China, including many well-known international and local customers. "As one of the long-term customers and partners of Freudenberg IT, we rely on their high-quality, efficient service. Their strong professional background has always supported our business development. Now that we have settled in the classic data center in Asia, we will have even greater benefits as a customer, "says General Manager Thomas Rubenbauer of Schlenk, a leading international manufacturer of metal powders, pigments and foils.

Freudenberg IT is continuing to expand in the region. With its new advanced data center in China and branches across China, Freudenberg IT plans to focus even more closely on the local market and extend its range of services still further. The core business of the global SAP hosting partner relates to consulting and outsourcing for small- and medium-sized enterprises. The IT service provider supports its customers in all business processes, tailoring solutions to meet individual requirements. Freudenberg ITs production software suite has already won several awards as the best software for the Chinese market.