12 accident free years at Freudenberg Filtrations Technologies, Pune

The market leaders in automotive, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, petrochemicals, energy, fertilizers, food & beverage, steel and cement, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies India, Pune, with the workforce which currently totals 78, has crossed 4,500 days or 12 years without an accident in production, sales and administration. The impressive concept is to be continued and expanded further in future.  The occupational safety concept was successfully implemented with vigilance and the inclusion of all associates working in offices and on the shop floor across all hierarchy levels at the Pune location of Freudenberg Filtration Technologies India, part of the globally active Freudenberg Group.

The project is one example of the successful implementation of an occupational safety concept. Safety at work is a very important issue for the Freudenberg Group. For the last 10 years, the “We all take care” Award has been honoring the best ideas in health, safety and occupational protection thought up by 37,000 associates at some 470 sites in 58 countries. This year, a total of 213 projects were submitted from all over the Freudenberg community. Two inventive ideas tied for first place. The first came from Freudenberg Nonwovens and involved replacing the chemical agents used to clean machines by an oily extract made from orange-peel. The second came from the EagleBurgmann Business Group, which launched a sustainability campaign comprising 90 projects and involving 6,000 associates in 70 companies.
Managing Director & SEO Rakesh Nathwani commented. “We are proud that everyone shows such commitment and we are delighted with the wonderful result. We will continue to work on expanding these measures.” Occupational safety features regularly on the agenda in Pune, it is discussed, examined and checked – at all levels, and in offices just as much as on the shop floor. Every associate receives written information about occupational safety and there are awards such as the “open-eye award”. The aim of all these measures is to intensify and strengthen awareness and interest in occupational safety among all associates over the long term. “12 years without an accident: This achievement shows that our concept to include all associates is headed in the right direction. ”

As the market leader, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies India, Pune, serves technically demanding industries, like automotive, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, petrochemicals, energy, fertilizers, food & beverage, steel and cement. The Pune plant manufactures cabin air filters, air intake ducts and filters for gas turbines and compressors for the Indian and international markets. Customers include automobile manufacturers such as Maruti-Suzuki, Honda, General Motors, Tata Motors, Volkswagen etc; Fertilizer plants such as Chambal, Indo Gulf, Zuari, IFFCO, Tata Chemicals etc and Pharmaceutical companies such as Ranbaxy, Dr. Reddy’s, Cipla, Sun-pharma etc..

This April, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies India invested in a strategically significant future market, acquiring Pyramid Filters Pvt. Ltd., also based in Pune. The company develops air filter elements (HEPA) and systems for cleanroom applications in the pharmaceutical, medical, food and chemical industries.

About “We all take care“
The “We all take care” initiative was launched in summer 2002 during a Freudenberg Group senior management conference attended by 220 managers. The objective is to anchor occupational health and safety and environmental protection even more firmly in the hearts and minds of all associates and managers, thus heightening awareness of these issues. Since then, the ideas and projects of Freudenberg associates have become an important factor. New ideas are constantly being developed, and are adopted and continued under the award process.