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Facts & Figures

Key Figures

The figures are taken from the latest Annual Report.​

Key Figures


Freudenberg Group  
Sales (€ million) 9,455.4
Operating profit (€ million) 910.3
Workforce (as at Dec. 31) 49,137
Business Areas
Sales (€ million)
Seals and Vibration Control Technology* 5,506.4
Nonwovens and Filtration* 1,899.2
Household Products* 931.4
Specialties and Others* 1,374.0
Workforce (as at Dec. 31)  
Seals and Vibration Control Technology 32,451
Nonwovens and Filtration 8,521
Household Products 3,273
Specialties and Others 4,892

* Including intra-company sales

Press Releases

People at Freudenberg

Full steam ahead into the future: He wanted to learn about the past; now Felix Herberg is working on a key drive technology of tomorrow: the fuel cell.

Jens Kuhnert and Andreas Koch climb step by step to the 100-meter-high nacelle in a wind turbine. Their job is part of providing special customer service.

EagleBurgmann Project Development Manager Lorenzo Zabala in front of an airplane

The globe trotter: Lorenzo Zabala runs international customer projects all over the world and loves seeing what challenges each day brings.

Dr. Fabian Kaiser explains his new job in the tribology laboratory to Dr. Neuberger.

A remarkable duo: Dr. Sören Neuberger and Dr. Fabian Kaiser are living proof that scientific careers can start quiet unusually.

Dr. Julia von Grote-Pastré

Best of both worlds: Dr. Julia von Grote-Pastré proves you can be a part time employee and have a successful career.

Kathleen Skultety at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies in Berlin-Adlershof

The guardian of the recipes: Kathleen Skultety has the enormous responsibility of making sure millions of bellow seals and axle boots have the right rubber mixture.

Portrait of Paul Hochgesang

The restless mind: Dr. Paul Hochgesang is considered a brilliant chemist - someone who makes the impossible possible.

Dr. Peter Kritzer

Thinking a step further: Dr. Peter Kritzer concerns himself with innovative battery seals and thermal management for the electric cars of the future.

Tanja Heislitz

Setting the course: Tanja Heislitz is passionate about technology and strategy.

Press Photos

Martin Wentzler

Chairman of the Board of Partners

Dr. Mohsen Sohi

Speaker of the Board of Management

Dr. Ralf Krieger

Member of the Board of Management

Dr. Tilman Krauch

Member of the Board of Management


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Design competition and fashionshow

Sustainable Fashion

Sunbathing Gekko on leaf


Efficiency through Foot- and Handprint

Freudenberg employees inspect the quality of a balloon catheter


Improving the flow

Sunbathing Gekko on leaf


Efficiency through Foot- and Handprint

Freudenberg employees inspect the quality of a balloon catheter


Improving the flow


Better performance with Freudenberg

Fuel cell Technology