Youth Exchange Program

What is TANNER?

Getting to know other countries, finding out about other cultures, improving language skills and making new contacts: TANNER is the Freudenberg Group’s international youth exchange program. It has been offering young people lots of new and exciting experiences since 1999. 

What is the goal of TANNER?

Young people are open-minded and full of curiosity. With TANNER they get to know new cultures and countries, improve their language skills and make contacts worldwide. Becoming acquainted with other lifestyles, looking at things from a different perspective, and getting to know other people broadens the horizons of these young people. Immersing themselves in a different culture fosters their personal development and brings benefits in terms of education and career. One common emotion unites participants, parents and host families: the feeling they belong to the global Freudenberg family.

What does TANNER stand for?

A tanner is someone who tans hides. That’s very appropriate for the Freudenberg Group which started out as a small tannery in Weinheim. So the word stands for our company’s roots. At the same time, TANNER is an acronym formed from the initial letters of the words in the slogan “Travel and navigate new exciting roads.”

Who can take part in TANNER?

Daughters and sons of Freudenberg Group employees. The young people should be aged between 14 and 20.

What does the program involve?

The young people spend two to three weeks staying with a host family who live and work at one of the Freudenberg Group’s global locations. Contacts are made, and maintained with great personal commitment even after the visit has ended. That creates new links across national boundaries, career levels, corporate departments and organizations.


An exchange through the eyes of a host parent

"She even said Mummy and Daddy to us"

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