Freudenberg Service

Freudenberg Service operates the industrial parks in Weinheim, Neuenburg and Laudenbach. The Division comprises the companies Freudenberg Service KG and Freudenberg Verpflegungsdienste KG, both located in Weinheim. Freudenberg Sevice offers its customers a comprehensive range of services – from occupational health and preventive health care, energy supply, information and communication technology, and catering through to hazard prevention such as plant security and fire services. A modern trigeneration plant (CCHP) at the Weinheim site provides environmentally friendly energy generation and supply. The training center run by Freudenberg Service is one of the leading institutions of its kind in Germany's Rhine-Neckar region.

Services and Products

Industrial park operation; energy services; information and communication technology; vocational and in-house training; catering

Freudenberg Business Services

As an internal service provider, Freudenberg Business Services brings together administrative activities across Business Groups and regions. In this way, Freudenberg increases potentials and achieves efficiency benefits in standard processes that are carried out regularly and on a large scale. At the same time, this takes pressure off the Business Groups, enabling them to concentrate on their core business, their customers and markets.


Purchase of non-production materials and services; accounting, HR management, payroll; occupational retirement provision