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Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies

Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies

Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies provides innovative sealing solutions and products to the global oil and gas industry. The Business Group focuses on applications for extraction and production, otherwise known as the upstream segment. It also develops and markets products for areas such as drilling / BOP (pressure control), wellhead equipment, fracturing services, offshore oil and gas platforms as well as underwater applications.


Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies, LLC

10035 Brookriver Drive
Suite 400
Houston, Texas 77040 | USA

Phone: +1 281 233 1400
Fax: +1 281 894 5232

The company supplies a wide range of customers, including oil and gas producers, original equipment manufacturers as well as engineering and service companies that provide technology, equipment and services for oil and gas production on the mainland and in deep sea applications worldwide. The Business Group develops and tests new materials and solutions in its own material and product testing laboratory.

Products and Services

Component elastomer specialty seals, seals and sealing kits for RAM/annular blowout preventers, thermoplastic seals, seal stacks and metal, spiral and flat seals; connectors with metal-on-metal sealing solutions for offshore/ underwater applications, SPO® Compact Flange, Techlok® Clam Connector, Optima® Subsea Connector, BlueSky-RotaBall™ swivel connector, FlexBall™ plug connectors, AlignLock™ misalignment flange, BlueLock™ clamp plug connector.


Canada, Norway, UAE, UK, USA