Starting your training at Freudenberg

Getting a good start is crucial to successful training. To ensure you get an optimal start at Freudenberg, we offer you a special program in your first few weeks with us. In September, we organize a one-week interdisciplinary team event for all new trainees and students. This gives you the opportunity both to make new contacts and to learn about Freudenberg's corporate culture. Through shared practical work, you get to complete interesting and useful projects. One example in recent years was the construction of a mini-golf course for the local Youth Hostel.

Varied operational training

During your training, you will benefit from the diversity of the Freudenberg Group, experiencing a variety of departments and working in different Freudenberg companies. Along the way, you will get to know the processes within our company as well as many of our products and applications. As your training progresses, we involve you directly in our daily work and current projects. This allows you to gain experience of working with the latest technology and processes.

Practical training courses

Over the course of your training, we organize various training courses through which you can improve your language skills or IT and product knowledge, for example. For students of technical or scientific professions, there is also a training workshop and teaching laboratory.


We always organize your trainee placements individually and provide you with personal advice and support. Another plus is the financial support we offer during your time as a trainee. In addition to your salary, we will refund a variety of costs, such as a semester ticket for public transport. It is even possible to spend periods of time abroad. If you are completing a dual-study degree program with us, service abroad will form part of your training.

Where does Freudenberg offer training?

Freudenberg trains high school graduates in a multitude of modern and interesting occupations every year, right across Germany. To find out if we have any training opportunities near you, please visit our current vacancies.