Pre-Study Internships

You're nearly ready to begin your course but one thing is still missing: the internship. A lot of colleges make this a requirement. Students from technical disciplines such as mechanical, electrical or industrial engineering can acquire the necessary experience at Freudenberg. Depending on your college and your chosen course of study, the duration of the pre-study internship is usually six to eight weeks.

You will undertake your internship in both the modern Freudenberg training workshop as well as within certain Freudenberg Business Groups. During your internship, you will work with materials such as metal and plastic, getting to know a variety of techniques including cutting, chipless, reshaping and forming machining processes, as well as various welding processes and curing. This will provide you with an exciting insight into the working world of a successful technology company and a valuable knowledge base for your studies.

Please send your application to Wilhelm Schüttler.