Dual Partner DHBW

The Freudenberg Group offers you a choice of eight different courses in the fields of technology, business and IT. In cooperation with the "Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg" (DHBW) in Mannheim, the following courses are available:

Faculty of Economics
  • Business Development
  • International Business
  • Accounting and Controlling
  • Application Management
  • International Management for Business and Information Technology

How does the dual-study program work?

The dual-study program runs for a period of three years. It progresses in three-month intervals between studies at the DHBW Mannheim and practice at Freudenberg. After three years, you complete your degree program with a Bachelor thesis.


General and subject-specific knowledge to university or college entry level (for university entry, a study aptitude test is necessary). Very good to good grades in mathematics, English and German For information technology degree programs: Good grades in information technology subjects and practical training or an internship in the IT field For technical studies: Very good to good grades in science and technical subjects Internships in the relevant field are desirable