Employer values & benefits

Employer Values & Benefits

What does it mean to our colleagues to work at Freudenberg? How do they benefit from our diverse corporate culture and what is important to them in their everyday lives? See for yourself how we live “Empowering People, Creating Technology” together.

Success & High Quality

Your involvement has a major influence. Together, we work on solutions that actively shape the future. Our high-quality products and premium services enable us to meet our goal of making a valuable contribution to the success of our customers.

Our professionalism is based on quality and experience as well as our aspiration to develop innovative technologies. We encourage our colleagues to be creative and to think one step ahead. Let us shape the future together.

Supporting & Challenging

The corporate diversity of Freudenberg supports all colleagues in continuously developing their skills and taking on new challenges. Everyone is valued and everyone has the opportunity to continue expanding their individual talents.

Our employees value training opportunities at every career stage and benefit from the diversity and internationality of our technology group. With 10 Business Groups, 40 market segments and around 60 countries, we offer immense scope for our colleagues to develop their careers. Grow with us.

Open-minded & Approachable

An open and friendly working environment leads to better results and overall satisfaction. That's why team spirit is important to us.

Open mindedness lets us benefit from our diversity. We have a truly welcoming culture with individual freedom and a pleasant working atmosphere, allowing us to grow together and master future challenges.

Socially Conscious & Fair

Our Values and Principles form the foundation for a trusting relationship with our colleagues, customers and business partners.

In this way, we live social responsibility inside and outside our company. We also offer a working environment that respects each and every one of us. Let’s take responsibility together.

Stable & Secure

Freudenberg has always planned for the long term. For our colleagues, this means financial stability and a high level of job security. As a family-owned company, Freudenberg is independent and has a tradition of sustainability.

Our colleagues appreciate this culture of dependability because it means we are there to support them, even in difficult times. Benefit from our stability and security.


We offer our global workforce a range of attractive benefits and additional services tailored to regional conditions and needs. In this way, Freudenberg demonstrates a special appreciation for our employees. But take a look for yourself.

  • International work options

    A career with global relationships and a world view.

  • Education reimbursement

    Financial aid to help propel your career to the next level.

  • Training / Career development

    Programs to supercharge skills and expertise.

  • Occupational safety

    Safety as a top priority, in all aspects of your work.

  • Company events

    Events to build teams and relationships prime for accomplishment.

  • Cafeteria/Canteen

    Fresh food on-site, both hot and cold (in many locations).

  • Sustainability / Community service

    Making a difference with sustainability, community service.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    Enter a diversity-driven world of innovation.

  • Work uniform

    Uniforms for less clothing wear-and-tear, greater convenience.