Talent Management

The world of work is becoming increasingly complex and international. Globally active businesses like Freudenberg rely heavily on having a strong international team. We can only achieve our goals if we succeed in attracting and retaining the best people from all regions of the world. To promote the talent of our employees globally and to optimize inter-Group cooperation between business units, Freudenberg has developed a Group-wide talent management process.

Talent management program

Freudenberg understands the long-term commitment of its employees as a major success factor for its business. As a consequence, career development through ongoing training and further education are cornerstones of the Freudenberg Human Resources policy.

Our global talent management program supports employees in their life-long learning process. It offers a wide range of opportunities enabling them to continue their development and gain international experience – across individual Business Groups, functions and countries.

Freudenberg Leadership Development Program Asia

The global Freudenberg Leadership Development Program offers leadership training for management talents in all regions. Its target group is young managers who have either just taken on their first leadership tasks or are about to do so. The corresponding program in Asia, the Freudenberg Leadership Development Program Asia (FLDPA), was first implemented in 2006. Every two years, a group of Freudenberg top executives in Asia carefully selects talents from across the Freudenberg companies to participate in the two-year structured management program. It includes management and leadership-related training, seminars as well as project phases and presentations.

A further career program for employees in China is the High Value Contributor Forum. It supports managers or experts who have worked for Freudenberg for at least five years to further develop their leadership skills, enhance their professional knowledge, and strengthen their network within the Freudenberg Group.

No matter where they work, Freudenberg employees experience a culture of trust that enables them to take responsibility much earlier than in many other companies. A spirit of entrepreneurship in thought and action is the fundamental attitude that unites its over 40,000 employees in more than 60 countries worldwide.

DRIVE Internal Transfer Program

The "DRIVE" project is an Internal Transfer Program designed to facilitate the transfer of employees between Freudenberg companies in Greater China. It offers employees opportunities for development and career advancement through transfer within the Freudenberg family. It is open to  employees who have worked in their current position consecutively for 18 months or more within a Freudenberg company or a joint venture of Freudenberg. All years of service at a Freudenberg company or joint venture will be accumulated and acknowledged. For more information, please consult with the HR manager at your current organization.

Executive Comments

“DRIVE - the name says it all. Driving things requires active involvement. It means striving for change, for continuous improvement. The objective is to create an even more stable, capable and dedicated Chinese organization, being able to master the challenges ahead and reflecting the important role of China for the successful development of the entire Freudenberg Group. Loyal employees are the prerequisite for organizational stability. Employees operating at full capacity is key for an ever improved competitiveness. Performance requires education, training and development. It delivers satisfaction with the job, a perspective, confidence, a climate of mutual trust and provides opportunities for cooperation in teams and networks. Each individual employee can greatly benefit from the Freudenberg DRIVE initiative. Please feel warmly invited to proactively participate, to gain experiences, to share knowledge with others and thus helping our Chinese organization to further develop beyond today's requirements.”

Bettina Schoen-Behanzin, Regional Representative Asia

“Transforming your workforce from high turnover to high retention through DRIVE.” Building a high retention workforce that leads higher job satisfaction through DRIVE.”

Lin Guomin,  Freudenberg Far Eastern Spunweb