As relações comerciais com o Brasil datam praticamente do surgimento do Grupo Freudenberg.

A Freudenberg no Brasil

Business relationship with Ziese & Co. in Rio de Janeiro (purchase of skins and leather sales)

Desde 1912 there has been a general agent for Latin and South America (purchasing and sales) including Brazil with P. Oberstgab Entry into the Brazilian market didn’t take place until 1958

In Agudos / Brazil an abandoned coffee plantation is acquired and afforested. Following that a wood-working factory (chipboard, veneer) is built in its place. 1958-1972 Agreements with the Orion company in São Paulo, Brazil, for the manufacture of seals.

Klüber Lubrication Indústria e Comércio Ltda. in Barneri, S.P. founded.

Gustav Hoffmann takes a stake in the Brazilian childrens’ shoe factory Calcados Ortopé S.A. in Gramado/Brazil.

Stake in the sealing factory Rubrasil S.A. in São Paulo established in 1958.

Stake Recouro S.A , Rio de Janeiro, (reclaimed leather products). The stake was sold in 1984.

Acquisition of Intece in Jacareí, Brazil from the French company Chargeurs (today Freudenberg Não Tecidos Ltda.).

Reorganisation of corporate legal structure for CAFMA, FIMSA and Intece (Partnerships).

With the involvement of Freudenberg and NOK, Rubrasil was renamed Freudenberg NOK – Componentes Ltda. The Brazilian wood operations were sold.

The Joint Venture Vibracoustic do Brasil Ltda. was founded with Woco do Brasil Ltda.

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies opens a new production facility in Jacarei, Brazil. The Freudenberg Regional Corporate Center South America, headquartered in Alphaville near São Paulo is opened.

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