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Freudenberg - Innovating Together

Youth exchange programme TANNER

The TANNER youth exchange programme: from childhood to maturity.
Freudenberg’s international youth exchange programme “TANNER” was launched in 1999. The first participants, children of Freudenberg associates all over the world, have now already started out on their careers.


Many of the young people who have taken part in this exciting youth exchange programme are already benefiting from their TANNER experience in training posts or their first jobs. Aged between 14 and 20, participants travel alone to a Freudenberg site, encounter new people and lifestyles, make new friends and learn to find their way around in a foreign language. Today’s international world of work calls for all these skills.

The success of the TANNER programme is confirmed by the figures. About 950 young people have now spent a period of weeks with the family of another Freudenberg associate in a different country, enjoying the experience of a foreign culture. But the bare facts can’t tell the whole story. Participants, their parents and hosts experience a stronger identification with the worldwide Freudenberg community. Friendships are made and great personal efforts are made to continue these contacts well beyond the end of the stay – across national borders, professional levels, corporate departments and companies. A close-knit network of TANNER contacts around the world provides professional support for this special form of international cooperation within the Freudenberg Group.

TANNER: tradition with a future
When the Freudenberg Group launched its company-wide youth exchange programme to mark the occasion of its 150th anniversary, the company was well aware that a successful stay abroad is a positive factor for a young person’s future personal and professional development. The name TANNER not only refers to the company’s origins – the word is also an acronym for “Travel And Navigate New Exciting Roads".
The idea of launching an international youth exchange programme also reflects another aspect of Freudenberg’s philosophy. As a family company, personal relations – beyond national boundaries – have played a major role in our development and success for many decades. In line with this belief, many training programmes include periods of time spent abroad. In addition, a large number of Freudenberg employees enjoy the opportunity to spend a few years working in other countries during the course of their time with us.