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Sustainability at Freudenberg

Sustainability at Freudenberg: Q&As

What does Freudenberg mean by "sustainability"?

The Freudenberg Guiding Principles  outline the values of the Group. Together with the Partners' Agreement and the Group’s Business Principles, they lay the foundation for "responsibility" at Freudenberg.

"Responsibility" is binding for all Business Groups, Business Areas and facilities of the Freudenberg Group throughout the world. With respect to health, safety and environmental protection, the relevant requirements are stated in more detail under "Responsibility and HSE".

One example of corporate social responsibility at Freudenberg is the "We all take care" initiative. Since the initiative was launched in 2002, more than 2,500 improvement projects suggested by associates for their places of work have been initiated and implemented. To read more, click here…

Within the Group, who is responsible and who is the person to contact with regard to sustainability?

The Business Groups of the Freudenberg Group take the Guiding Principles mentioned above as the foundation for their business activities. You can find further details on the websites of the various Business Groups.

The contact point for the entire Freudenberg Group, especially with regard to health, safety and environmental protection, is the Corporate HSE Function.

Does Freudenberg publish a sustainability report?


  • Freudenberg publishes an annual report that not only includes the financial statements of the Group but also a section on "Responsible Conduct".
  • Freudenberg has a comprehensive internal reporting system that also covers the topics of health, safety and environmental protection. Excerpts from these internal reports are published on this website and in the Group's annual report.

How does Freudenberg shape its dealings with external stakeholders?

In our Guiding Principles, we explain the principle of "Value for customers" and present our general position on our relationship with external stakeholders.

Our view of social responsibility is also described in our "Responsibility" principle. You can find more information about social responsibility here…

What about safety at Freudenberg?

All associates on all levels and in all units are responsible for safety at work. They are supported in their efforts by the HSE organisations of the locations and Business Groups, as well as the Corporate Functions of the parent company Freudenberg & Co.

In addition to topics such as machine safety, safe materials, personal protective equipment for associates and safety for contractors, Freudenberg focuses on a safety culture and safe behaviour by all associates. You can find more information about this topic here…

What about occupational health at Freudenberg?

On the basis of our HSE organisation, we ensure a responsible approach to health protection at all our facilities. Depending on the type and size of the plant, measures range from the provision of first aid assistance and organisations to company ambulances.

In line with its approach to safety, Freudenberg focuses on prevention in the field of occupational health. In addition, therapeutic and rehabilitation measures are taken when appropriate. You can find more information about this topic here…

What about environmental protection at Freudenberg?

More than 80 percent of Freudenberg's production locations have an environmental management system. In addition, Freudenberg uses a variety of audits and performance indicators to continually reduce the environmental impact of the Group's activities. You can find more information about this topic here…

How does Freudenberg ensure that its activities comply with legal requirements?

We strive to exceed the requirements of applicable laws and regulations: that is, to work and behave in such a manner that compliance with the minimum standards required by applicable law is never in doubt. Strict compliance with laws is essential and does not allow any scope for discretion.*

*(from: Values & Principles of the Freudenberg Group)

What is the position of the Group on ethical principles such as the Universal Human Rights?

We do not tolerate illegal or unethical conduct and take active measures to avoid it. We encourage our business partners, (sub)-contractors and suppliers to act in accordance with the “Responsibility” principle.*

We will not manufacture any products intended for harming people (e.g. weapons).**

*(from: Values & Principles of the Freudenberg Group)
**(from: Business Principles of the Freudenberg Group)

How important is social diversity within the Freudenberg Group?

A liberal spirit, practised tolerance, diversity and mutual respect are firm parts of our tradition. As a family company, we hold our employees’ well-being and personal development in high regard. We reject all forms of discrimination and harassment and show understanding and respect in our dealings with each other. We promote a multi-cultural environment where employees work together in worldwide teams to enrich our culture and capabilities.*

*(from: Values & Principles of the Freudenberg Group)
**(from: Business Principles of the Freudenberg Group)