Freudenberg - Innovating Together

Freudenberg - Innovating Together

Production processes and product development


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Freudenberg Performance Materials, the world leader in polyester nonwovens for the building materials industry, has developed a new way to use recycled PET bottle flakes as a raw material in the production of nonwovens. With more than a billion recycled PET bottles at its two Italian sites in Novedrate and Pisticci Scalo, the business group is the largest user of recycled PET flakes in the European construction industry.

During the development process, new products at Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions are subjected to an assessment that takes into account sustainability issues. The challenge is to achieve better results than the existing products. You can find more information about Vileda’s sustainability strategy here.

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies won two awards for the patented narrow band-forming-laser welding technology (SUL) – “Deutscher Innovationspreis” in the big enterprises category and the German Innovation Prize for Climate and Environment in the “environmentally friendly technologies” category (picture below). The unique SUL metal shaping system replaces the decades- old stamping technology by a welding process. The system reduces material consumption by an average 73 percent compared with conventional stamping methods. That saves 1,800 tonnes of steel per year and lowers CO2 emissions by 2,700 tonnes per SUL plant. The system is in operation at the Weinheim site.



With a view to reducing the environmental impact of business activities and to implementing the principles and requirements of the HSE policy, the Business Groups are working on a number of local projects and initiatives aimed at sustainable energy use. At many locations, energy managers have started work and have initiated many improvements to existing systems such as heating systems, compressors, ventilators and steam supply units. In order to ensure a sustained reduction in energy consumption, Freudenberg has started to introduce a certified energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001 at some facilities.

Freudenberg Service has developed a modular service approach to support other Freudenberg companies in the introduction and operation of energy management systems and the integration of these systems into existing management systems. Systematic energy management is a tool that can continuously and sustainably improve energy efficiency.

One example of an energy efficiency project implemented by Freudenberg Service is the acquisition and commissioning of a highly efficient refrigeration machine. Thanks to its low power consumption, it was possible to reduce costs by more than 20% with a comparatively short pay-back period of about 2.7 years.