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The development of innovative products that provide the answers to the global mobility requirements of the future. That’s what the LESS (Low Emission Sealing Solutions) performance package from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies (FST) represents. Diversity is the future of mobility – that much seems certain. For one thing, LESS incorporates advanced seal technology that helps to lower fuel consumption and emissions and to increase the internal combustion engine’s ultimate potential for efficiency. For another, LESS already includes proven, production-ready solutions for alternative fuels and powertrain concepts – the key phrase here is the electric car. LESS always stands for mobility that conserves the environment and resources. In a new brochure (will be published in English by December), FST describes the complete LESS package and presents a series of specific product examples. Levitex, for example. The gas-lubricated slide ring seal comes quite close to the dream of a friction-free seal.

Zero plus Zero is equal to three. For acousticians, the equation is nothing new and nothing unusual. If two equally loud sources are placed beside each other, the noise level rises by 3 decibels (dB). In other words, two drills that each make 80 dB of noise will result in a noise level of 83 dB. Humans subjectively perceive the noise as being twice as loud. It also works the other way around. If, for example, a noise is reduced by 10 dB, people often perceive the noise level as being much, much lower. Special sealing systems from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies Merkel reduce submarine noises generated by work on the foundations of off shore platforms by exactly 10 dB. This is especially for the porpoises a huge relief. Porpoises have extremely sensitive hearing, which means that in the past, the ramming of piles into the seabed has caused them huge problems.

Lutraflor® automotive carpet material was honored by EDANA, the international association serving nonwovens and related industries. Freudenberg Nonwovens was presented with the INDEX 11 Innovation & Sustainability Award in the “Nonwoven roll good” category. Lutraflor® sets new standards for carpeted products in the automotive industry as regards cost, weight and sustainability. It is a composite of spunlaid and staple fiber fabric made of 100 % polyester based on recycled raw material. High wear and excellent appearance are further strengths. The INDEX 11 Award is the highest accolade that can be given to a company for achievements in nonwovens.

The Swep flat mop system* from Vileda Professional has recently received the Nordic Ecolabel award. The award demonstrates that the product is especially environmentally-friendly. The Nordic Ecolabel – also known as the Nordic Swan – is the official ecolabelling scheme in Nordic. All the environmental factors throughout the product's complete life cycle – from raw material, production, distribution, in use and after use as refuse – have been analyzed. To be awarded the Nordic Ecolabel, a product needs to fulfill stringent environmental and climate criteria that are kept constantly under scrutiny. Vileda Professionals’ Swep System, one of the world’s leading cleaning systems for pre-prepared damp floor cleaning, has been constantly developed and sharpened, to deliver the best cleaning performance to the lowest total costs. Compared to a conventional bucket mopping system, the use of the Swep system can save 50% of chemicals and 70% of water. Cleaning time can be shortened by almost half. Superior durability with up to 1.000 washing cycles, minimum amounts of water and chemicals needed, low friction and best in class ergonomics – these are features that the Swep system´s sustainable products is built upon. Features which all have a positive effect for staff, economy and above all for the environment.
Swep Mops* carrying Nordic Ecolabel: Single MicroTech; Duo MicroTech; Single MicroPlus; Duo MicroPlus; Single MicroCombi; Duo MicroCombi