Freudenberg - Innovating Together

Freudenberg - Innovating Together


Freudenberg products are used in sensitive civil aviation applications.

  • EagleBurgmann


    Dynamic and static seal elements.

  • Chemical Specialities

    Chemical Specialities

    Release agents for aircraft tyres, fuselage components, fire-retardant seats, floor coverings and interior trims.

  • Performance Materials

    Performance Materials

    Freudenberg nonwovens can be found in aircraft seats, among other applications.

  • Sealing Technologies

    Sealing Technologies

    Seals used in turbines, for example. Fabric-reinforced silicone seals are used in cabin doors.

  • Filtration Technologies

    Filtration Technologies

    Filter elements and systems for production halls and painting sites.

  • Performance Materials

    Performance Materials

    Flame-retardant nonwovens for the protection of seat upholstery in aircraft.