Freudenberg - Innovating Together

Freudenberg - Innovating Together

Facts and Figures

The facts and figures given below are taken from the latest annual report.

Key figure (Pro-rata*) 2015
Freudenberg Group
Sales (euro million)7,572
Consolidated profit522
Workforce (as at Dec. 31)
Business Areas
Sales (euro million) 
    Seals and Vibration Control Technology**4,331
    Nonwovens and Filtration**1,371
    Household Products**809
    Specialties and Others**1,235
Workforce (as at Dec. 31) 
    Seals and Vibration Control Technology27,351
    Household Products2,637
    Specialties and Others4,412

 *  The 50:50 joint ventures are consolidated on a pro-rata basis.
** Including intra-company sales

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