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Freudenberg - Innovating Together

Grow with early responsibility


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grow with early responsibility.jpgFollowing the completion of his master's degree in automotive engineering in Shanghai, Tony Ren opted for the Freudenberg Group in China due to its attractive training program and clear career options. Ren quickly climbed the ladder – from a trainee in Germany to a business development manager and to the head of a Freudenberg Business Unit's marketing department in China – all that happening within just five years. Currently he works as a Global Commercial Manager responsible for the marine, oil and gas business at Klüber Lubrication, a Freudenberg Business Unit located in Germany.

Ren says that he has been able to grow into each new role thanks to intensive training and development programs and dedicated mentors, enabling him to provide added value for the company, of which one particular value is intercultural cooperation. With the support of top management and as part of a distinct career development plan, Ren has been re-located to Germany to take on an international commercial role. This enables him to broaden his view on international business and to gather experience in production planning, logistics and tax. He is currently also taking care of the company's top global marine customer and his "personal goals always go hand-in-hand with overall corporate goals".

After eight years with Freudenberg his summary for the time being is: "My initial decision in favor of Freudenberg was the right one. My expectations have been fully met."

At Freudenberg, new employees have a wide variety of possibilities for actively shaping their career:

  • Trainees – specialist training opportunities
  • University graduates – opportunities including a program for junior scientists
  • Specialists – national programs, in some cases in cooperation with universities and institutes
  • Junior managers – via the Freudenberg Leadership Development Programs.