Freudenberg - Innovating Together

Freudenberg - Innovating Together

Invest in Technology for a better and longer life


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invest in technology for a better and longer life.jpg​For 50 years, cardiac catheters have been saving lives – during routine tests and for the insertion of stents following a heart attack. The Freudenberg Medical Business Group supplies tiny two-millimeter multi-lumen tubes made from implantable platinum-cured silicone. The tubes, which are only as wide as a pinhead, provide between one and nine channels for the positioning of electronic conductors or the transport of fluids. The silicone material must be designed for implanting for several years. In addition, the tubes must meet high precision, inspection and process stability requirements. They allow the flexible, agile and precise positioning of the catheter for tests.

Freudenberg is currently developing an insertion system for wireless heart pacemakers that is no bigger than an AAA battery. The system comprises a steerable catheter which surrounds the pacemaker and allows it to be inserted from the groin through to the heart. When the pacemaker has reached its final position, the surrounding tube is opened. Four small extendable hooks on the pacemaker hook into the tissue, fixing the pacemaker durably in position and stimulating the heart.

Medical technology has been extremely important for Freudenberg since 1957. Many innovations make life easier for patients and physicians:

  • Biodegradable wound dressings
  • Systems for the real-time monitoring of lung function
  • Components for minimally invasive surgery
  • Micro-implants for catheters and prostheses.