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Freudenberg - Innovating Together

Develop Solutions to protect the environment


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develop solutions to protect the environment.jpgIf the greenhouse effect is to be halted, CO2 emissions need to be lowered – also in the automobile industry. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is making a key contribution in this area with its Levitex gas-lubricated mechanical seal. The new seal causes 90 percent lower frictional losses than a conventional crankshaft seal. This means that CO2 emissions in driving operation can be reduced by up to 1 gram per kilometer.

"A year ago I would never have believed that we would come this far," admits Sören Neuberger, Levitex project manager (photo above: on the left). The basic idea behind Levitex comes from a Freudenberg corporate partner, Burgmann Automotive, which produces gas-lubricated mechanical seals especially for compressors and turbines. 

The objective was to transfer this concept to automotive mass production. Neuberger took on the task of simplifying the first, highly complex generation of the seal. He was successful.

Levitex now withstands the toughest conditions. Among specialists, the mechanical seal has rightly aroused considerable interest as this development represents a quantum leap for over 1 billion cars throughout the world. 

Freudenberg is committed to alternative powertrain concepts and raw materials with:
  • Components for lithium-ion batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles
  • The development of fuel cells for electric drive systems and domestic energy supplies
  • Seal solutions and special lubricants to improve the energy efficiency and reliability of plants
  • The use of renewable raw materials for domestic products, nonwovens and lubricants.