Freudenberg - Innovating Together

Freudenberg - Innovating Together

The best ideas are born in a team


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the best ideas are born in a team.jpg​One of Freudenberg's largest industrial customers faced a major problem. The customer had purchased a new large air compressor for its refinery but the power supply available was inadequate for commissioning the compressor. Irajá Ribeiro (photo above: in the middle) came to the rescue with a brilliant idea. If all the mineral oils in the machine are replaced by a special lubricant from Freudenberg company Klüber Lubrication, friction is minimized and enough electricity is saved to allow the connection of the compressor. Together with Enrique Garcia from Argentina and his German colleagues Alexander Dörner (photo above: on the right) and Dr. Michael Kolk, he started to develop a new measurement and evaluation method.

The energy savings achieved far exceeded expectations. To date, this idea has given rise to more than 70 different, sometimes highly complex, customer projects throughout the world. The solution also won recognition within the Group. Ribeiro's team received the Freudenberg Innovation Award – the Group's highest honor for innovation.

Ambition and good ideas are rewarded. The Freudenberg Group honors its employees' dedication with a number of different awards and initiatives:

  • Innovation Award: The highest internal prize, which honors teams with especially successful innovations
  • IdeaTrophy: An internal and external award for new business ideas
  • "We all take care" Award: A Group-wide initiative that allows each individual employee to contribute his or her ideas and suggestions for the improvement of occupational health and safety, environmental protection, and plant safety, helping the Group shoulder its corporate social responsibility
  • A wide variety of improvement initiatives in the various Business Areas.